Kia Orana!

My name is Meari Malia. I love capturing the essence of island life through my lens. My nationality is a combination of Danish, Aitutaki, Samoa and New Zealand. Having lived all my life in Rarotonga, the Cook Islands culture holds a special place in my heart. As a young female artist, I draw inspiration from vintage photos of our vaine (women) gracefully dancing in muumuu and adorned in colonial-style dresses. I love to incorporate cultural elements in my photoshoots. Whether it be a pareū (sarong), a strand of black pearls or just a simple poe tiare (flower).


At the age of 14, my parents gifted me my first camera, alas Malia Photography was born. Alongside photography, I find joy in traveling, painting and trying new food! Life in Rarotonga is a constant source of inspiration, never ceasing to captivate me.

I love tipani's. I love rainy days. I love dumplings. I love the motu. I love clothes, dressing up. I love drawing. I love a house full of plants. Hanging chairs. I love ura, hearing the sound of the beating drums. I love to laugh. I love sweet floral fragrances. I love candid shots. Above all, I adore my family.

Through photography I’m able to find that same connection and spark in my clients lives, and document how much love there is between them. Catching people laughing, caught up in the moment, oblivious to the camera is the real art. The island, in all its beauty, serves as my photo studio.

More than just photos, I’m all about providing you with an amazing client experience, I want to be friends! I seek authentic connection, raw emotion, the laughs, the in-between moments, the real you and me. If you'd like to have your family or wedding portrayed through my eyes , I would love to meet you!